The Teacher/Performer

Spring Rates 2020

Katja Otero (former Katja Kullander) was born and raised in Southern Sweden, inspired and surrounded by the lively music scene in the classical, folk, theater and jazz genres.

As a young child, Katja knew that music was her life calling and she was introduced to the musical arts (singing, piano and flute playing) at an early age by her musical family. Katja has a thorough education from prestigious schools around the world. She studied acting, stage performance, voice, piano and flute at the Royal Academy of Music in Malmoe, Sweden, The Utrecht Conservatory of Music in the Netherlands, and the famous Guildford School of Acting in England where she specialized in musical theater. She also received her Master of Music from the Boston Conservatory of Music.

For over 18 years Katja has taught voice and musical theater for young children, teens and adults. In 2001, she began teaching voice at the well-respected Turtle Bay Music School, situated in Midtown, NYC. Katja was subsequently asked to expand her role at the music school by conducting the Children’s Choir and the Community Chorus. Katja also served as the conductor for the Pfizer Choraliers from 2005-2015, where they performed annually at St. Patrick’s Cathedral each holiday season.

For the last 11 years, Katja has taught voice and piano on the Upper East Side in New York City at her private music studio “Sing From Your Heart”, and is excited to bring “Sing From Your Heart” to Tarrytown, NY, where she now happily resides with her family.

Katja teaches both singing and piano for all ages. She focuses on the unique instrument and personality of every individual. In a safe and creative environment, students are encouraged to explore their true voice and freedom of expression. Through warm up exercises, students learn to open-up the breath and body - the true foundation for healthy and free singing. Specific and defined vocal exercises are tailored to the need of each student. Through collaboration, we choose songs that enhance your voice and speak to your heart and soul. The goal is to build a solid vocal foundation that integrates each singer’s unique sound and musical expression.

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