"Truly one of the most transformational experiences are vocal lessons with Katja. I have been studying with her for years and she has more tools in her tool box all the time, combining her training with her unique ability to read energy. She is a beautiful and gifted human being."

Jennifer Bowen
(Voice Student)

"I first started taking voice lessons with Katja Kullander Otero in 2014. I knew I wanted to perform but didnít have any formal training."

Katja has taught me how to become a more skilled and confident singer and performer by teaching me how to use my breath correctly.

This allowed me to increase my vocal range. She is encouraging, positive, and kind. I look forward to working with her each week. My voice has grown so much in the time I have worked with Katja.

--- Lola Tung, student at LaGuardia High School of Performing Arts
(Voice Student)

"I have been taking weekly vocal lessons with Katja for 7 years. She is incredibly encouraging and makes you feel very comfortable and she has really helped me to build my confidence when it comes to singing. She has an amazing ability to hear and feel what you need to adjust in your voice, breath and posture and guides you with simple steps leading to instant improvements.

I often refer to her as a ray of sunshine and I always leave her class feeling great, refreshed, happy and relaxed!"

Sarah Manna
(Voice Student)

"Katja Kullander is a brilliant, energetic and very hip singing teacher. Not only does she thoroughly understand the principles of voice production, but she also recognizes the holistic nature of singing. Katja provides insightful and compassionate psychological support to her students. Both my teenage daughter (who also takes voice lessons) and I adore her! In my decades of studying voice, I have rarely had a teacher as gifted and giving as she is."

Laurel Kallen
(Voice Student)

"As director for the Pfizer Choraliers Katja brings professionalism, honest enthusiasm, inventive theme programming, and a unique ability to bring out the best in the group every practice and performance. She is a delight to work with and worthy of the highest accolades."

Pfizer Choraliers Ad Hoc Committee

"Katja totally sparkles! Her voice is both soft, sensitive and powerful. She has an amazing way of delivering a song with extraordinary energy . You can't take your eyes of her! She is a fantastic human being and I really recommend her as a singer."

Christina Nylund
(Music Director of Church of Sweden in New York City)

We cannot describe how happy and grateful we are to Katja for singing and playing our wedding songs so beautifully.

It felt like every word she sang went straight into our hearts.

What a voice she has; so incredibly beautiful.

We will always cherish the loving feeling and memories of her performance for the rest of our lives.

Nina and Mia Rodino
(Church of Sweden, New York City)

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